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When you leave school, a world of opportunities open up to you and whilst that’s exciting, it can also be scary as choices can cause confusion. What’s right for you? What level should you be studying at? What qualification type suits your learning style? This section will help you understand what we offer and what’s right for you.

Different Routes To Your Career


Different Routes To Your Career +

There are many different types of vocational programmes available here at Across:

Click here to view our “Types of Vocational Programmes”.

Click here to view our  “Levels Explained”.

If you need help with any words you’re unsure of, click on our “Jargon Buster”.

Which Route Is Right For You? +

Firstly, don’t panic! If it’s all very confusing and you aren’t sure what’s right for you, we can help. We will work with you to make sure you are on a course that is best suited to your way of learning.

Am I Suited To A Vocational Full Time Course? +

This route will give you career specific skills and relevant qualifications that will give you the option to go into your chosen career or to higher education.

This is right for you if…

  • You prefer course work to exams and enjoy working on projects.
  • You probably have a career in mind but want to keep your options open to go on to university.
  • You want to study a variety of topics that relate to your career.
  • You want the opportunity to have some work experience to help when
  • You start your career.

You know you want to get career specific qualifications to help you develop your career

Am I Suited To An Apprenticeship? +

An Apprenticeship will give you the opportunity to work and earn money whilst still studying towards a qualification.

This is right for you if…

  • You know or have an idea what industry you would like to work in and want to start now.
  • You want the experience of working in a real job but also want the student experience.
  • You want to start earning money now.
  • You can contact us and arrange an appointment with our careers guidance service for personalised career advice.Call: 01254 354354 Email:
The Final Choice +

First you chose the subject area that you wanted to study, next you decided what type of qualification suits your learning style.

Finally we have to decide what level you can study at.

Our courses are available at different levels, which mean you can start at whatever stage is right for you and progress to higher education or into your dream career.

The level you study at will depend on the GCSE grades you get (especially GCSE English and Maths) or qualifications you have already achieved. But don’t worry about making the choice, as we will assess which level is right for you when we meet you. once this is done, you are ready to enrol!

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