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Why Should I Be An Apprentice?
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Why Should I Be An Apprentice?

There are literally dozens of qualifications you could take, but Apprenticeships do something very specific and special. They give you a range of qualifications, outstanding practical training, the theory you need to enter the workplace and, most importantly, they are recognised and respected by employers. 

Add all the above to the fact that you’ll receive a salary while you’re learning and you can see why an Apprenticeship is a very appealing qualification to take.

Benefits of studying an Apprenticeship:

  • Eases the transition from school to work
  • Earn whilst you learn – you’ll receive a salary while you take your Apprenticeship
  • Become a valuable asset to your employer
  • Progress onto Higher Qualifications
  • The skills you learn are exactly what is¬†needed for the job – employers recognise how well trained and qualified Apprentice students are
  • Paid holidays – you will be eligible for paid holidays during the course of your Apprenticeship



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