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The Corporation Board has a number of committees whose role is to assist it by considering various issues in detail and making recommendations to the Board.

Audit Committee

Responsible for monitoring the effectiveness of  college financial and quality controls, making recommendations for the appointment of internal and external auditors, supervising the auditors’ work and responding to their reports.

The Resources Committee

Responsible for scrutinising the college’s financial targets and plans, the college’s employment policies and the college estate management.

Remuneration Committee 

Responsible for the annual appraisal of the Senior Postholders (Principal, Vice-Principals and Clerk to the Corporation) and for making recommendations concerning their pay and conditions. 

Search and Governance Committee

Responsible for reviewing the Board membership, seeking out potential governors and making recommendations for appointments to the Board. The Committee is also responsible for monitoring the work of the board and making recommendations to the Board on its working practices. 

The Curriculum and Quality Standards Committee

Responsible for monitoring the quality of the college curriculum,  success of college learners and also the work of the college learner support and safeguarding teams.

The Scholarships Committee

Responsible for monitoring and maintaining the College scholarship funds and making award to learners from the funds.

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